Sugar Yummy Mama offers gourmet desserts for all palates, seasons and occasions. This “cute, clean, chic, and current” atelier and mobile dispenser will be available and it’s vision is to be the Sweet Caterer to any party, i.e. -bridal shower, Corporate parties, Bar-Mitzvah, baby shower, children’s birthdays, Adult parties, and any occasion that requires beautiful and gourmet desserts with the proper sweet balance.


We can customize it to look as a perfect Christmas tree or a unique Hanukah cake pop bouquet. Or the most amazing wedding shared cake out of cake balls. Or the most gracious Sesame street special celebration, we have tons of ideas!

The same applies for our cakes that can be unique and customized to all tastes.

A great complement for your party is our fantastic candy bar that can be adapted and also customized according to a theme. No matter how elaborated, we will have a memorable idea for your event!